25 Oxbridge offers for 2024

Posted by Sitara Bartle on 06 Feb 2024

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25 Oxbridge offers for 2024

Pupils at The Manchester Grammar School have been highly successful in securing offers from the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. A total of 25 pupils have received offers from Cambridge and Oxford, solidifying MGS’s position among a very select group of top academic schools nationally.

The School’s High Master, Dr Martin Boulton, said: “MGS pupils have been highly successful in applying to top universities in the UK and abroad. In 2024, we are delighted to be celebrating 25 of our pupils securing offers to study a wide range of academic courses at Oxford or Cambridge, including Archaeology and Anthropology, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Economics, Engineering, German and Russian, History, Italian, Medicine, Natural Sciences and, Physics and Philosophy. The application process remains challenging and requires a high level of commitment; I would like to congratulate our pupils on their success”.

School Captain Daniel studies Chinese, History, Russian and Spanish and shared his insights into his application journey: “For me, the Oxbridge process has been one of the toughest I have had to go through at school. It has not only stretched me academically, pushing me to dive deeper into the subject I love and explore often stimulating and fascinating topics, but it has also been mentally challenging as it has required a high level of independence and self-discipline, as well as organisational skills as I balanced my application with my A-level studies. However, it is precisely due to the substantial time and energy investment that the Oxbridge process has proven to be incredibly rewarding. The stacks of books, months of research, and late-night study sessions all converged into a singular, incredible moment when I received an offer to pursue my favourite subject at my preferred university.

“That said, reaching this point wouldn't have been possible without the incredible support of my teachers.. I still remember feeling slightly overwhelmed upon seeing the mountain of books that Mrs Lan and Mrs Lu handed to me before the summer holiday, and cannot forget the 'University Challenge' sessions that were put on every week to prepare us for the interviews. Now, having navigated through the challenges, I am immensely thankful for the invaluable assistance they provided, encompassing both academic guidance and emotional support.

“While taking pride in my accomplishments, I envision this as just the starting point for greater achievements, a stepping-stone toward future success. Eagerly anticipating the coming years, I look forward to immersing myself further in Chinese culture, history, and language, with particular excitement for the year abroad! As for what the future holds post-university, there is a considerable amount of uncertainty, but armed with the confidence and skills instilled by MGS, I am ready to tackle any challenges and chase my aspirations, whatever they may be. To anyone who is applying next year, all I can say is that the whole process is a brilliant experience, regardless of the end result. Engaging in interview practice and dedicating effort to something with an uncertain outcome might feel intimidating. However, I've discovered that it positions me more favourably for whatever the future holds, be it university or my prospective career. And, of course, the ultimate reward is reaping the fruits of all that hard work”.

Daniel concluded by saying: “In summary, I extend my gratitude to my family for instilling the confidence to pursue Oxford initially and to the school for supporting me throughout this journey. The prospect of university excites me, and I eagerly anticipate returning to the school in the future as an Old Mancunian”.

Congratulations to all the pupils, and we extend our best wishes to them as they prepare for their upcoming A-Level examinations!


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