Booths Hall, c. 1964

Posted by Rachel Kneale on 18 Mar 2022

Modified by Rachel Kneale on 29 Apr 2022

Booths Hall Camp, 1964


Michael Carrier

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Great to see Booths Hall camp included! I hope colleagues can find other photos of the camp, which was a wonderful experience (first time camping). Apart from the open latrines and the quasi-solid porridge….

It was an important innovation at the time, because it was closer to Manchester than the other camps, and so much cheaper.

It made it accessible to those of us without well-off parents.


Rachel Kneale

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Thanks Michael - I will be on the look out for more images of Booths Hall. I believe we have some undigitised photographs in the archives, so I will aim to try and add them to the site. Watch this space! Best wishes, Rachel

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