Catering at MGS – Going Green and Healthy Choices

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By Richard Palombella, Catering Manager at MGS

Catering at MGS is an in house operation

A healthy, balanced diet is important for everyone. We understand the principles of healthy eating and making the right food choices. We understand that a balanced diet is key to getting it right. We offer the boys a variety of foods, with a large range of choice, so they are empowered to make health decisions and choose a balanced diet. Every Monday morning we receive a huge delivery of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs so they we can cook with the best ingredients and give our boys tasty yet healthy meals.

Our meals are all based on the healthy eating principles of plenty of starchy food (such as rice and pasta), an abundance of fruit and vegetables, lean meat and fish (particularly oily fish) and reducing fat (particularly trans-fats), sugar and salt. The School also offers free fruit for all the boys.

The Refectory

This is the main dining area where lunches are served. In the Refectory, we offer a daily selection of meat-based, fish-based and vegetarian hot main meals with fresh vegetable accompaniments. We also offer a range of Halal dishes.

We also have a salad bar and in the winter we offer freshly cooked soup. To finish, we offer a range of hot and cold puddings and fresh fruit.

Chilled water, sugar-free blackcurrant, mixed fruit and orange cordials are on offer, and water fountains are situated throughout the School. Salt is restricted to minimal use in our cooking and is not provided as a condiment.

Grab and Go

This is a service for those boys who cannot make it for lunch because of clubs, training or trips. During morning break, the boys can get a meal in the bag. There is a large selection of sandwiches and salads available. With this, boys can get a packet of crisps, biscuit, drink and a piece of fruit. Pre-ordered bags can be ordered via teachers if the boys are on a trip.

The Butty Bar

The MGS-style, café-style food bar (affectionally known as The Butty Bar) is open for breakfast and lunch service. At breakfast we offer a large selection of goods to cater for those boys who come in early. At lunch we offer a range of sandwich fillings served on a variety of breads, as well as salad bowls and fresh fruit. There is a smaller range of hot meals and puddings, along with Halal dishes. There is a range of school compliant drinks and confectionary.

Going Green

The School has recently taken the decision to not sell bottle water and has fitted several water fountains around the school. 80% of consumables used are recycled or are compostable. Food waste is recycled along with cardboard.


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