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Posted by Rachel Kneale on 23 May 2023

Classical Sixth and History Specialists

A photograph of the Classical Sixth and History Specialists with the following individuals identified – R.H. Barrow, B. Epstein, Mr. Wilkins, C.B. Shrewsbury, Bromley, Wright, Mr. H. Williamson, Mr. J.R. Broadhurst, A. Moodir, T.M. Scott, Duguid, Brewerton, Mr. A.S. Warman, Saul, J.C. Storoe, A.G.N. Dixey, G.M. Hewart, R.A. Hall, R.D. Blackledge, S.G.H. Burger, J.L. Paton, A. Balmforth, S. Watts, J.H. Barnes, W.D. Lowe, H.J. Laski, A.M. Stephens, W. McCulloch


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