MGS vs WGS netball match

Posted by Sitara Bartle on 24 Feb 2023

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MGS vs WGS netball match

A Sixth Form team from MGS took part in a charity fundraiser netball match against a team from Withington Girls’ School on a chilly but sunny Thursday evening.

Both teams played with high energy and perseverance but it was the team from Withington Girls’ School who eventually emerged victorious.

School Captain Zach commented: “We had a fantastic time at the friendly netball match at WGS on Thursday. After a delayed start due to the team bus (or rather the team Fiesta) getting stuck in traffic, the game kicked off to a strong display of support from both schools. Despite MGS’ dream start, taking a 1-0 lead straight from the oft, we were quickly eclipsed, despite rousing team talks at the end of each quarter: “Come on guys, let’s win the next one at least!” WGS were worthy match winners, with camaraderie and good spirit abound from both sides admirable to see, and all for a good cause.

“Perhaps the significant netball experience gap (and the away venue) may have contributed to our performance, and we already look forward to the details of the return fixture on MGS home ground… Yet in the meantime, to everyone who played, supported and organised, thank you - the event was a rousing success!”

Georgia, Head Girl at Withington, said: “It was fantastic to host the charity netball match against MGS and we saw an impressive turnout in support of both sides. The boys' rugby and basketball skills were on full display, and with an MGS goal in the first minute of the match, we started to worry that we were heading for defeat. Luckily (for us) Withington managed to turn things around with some superb shooting and team spirit, eventually leading us to a victory of 17-7.

“Our opponents had never played netball - let alone a full match - before the day’s game, but what they lacked in experience they certainly made up for in enthusiasm and we were definitely all impressed by their performance. Thanks so much to everyone who came to watch and take part - it was such an exciting event for all involved!”

Thank you to everyone involved from both schools who were able to make this happen!


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