New School Captain 2023-24

Posted by Sitara Bartle on 25 Apr 2023

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New School Captain 2023-24

Congratulations to Daniel B who has been named as the new MGS School Captain for 2023-24. This is a great opportunity for Daniel who studies multiple languages at A-Level and is hoping to pursue them beyond the school.

Daniel said: “As I come into my final year at MGS and having been at this outstanding institution and widespread community for over 6 years, never before have I felt so lucky and privileged to be a part of it as I do now. To represent this school as its Captain means being able to give back for all the opportunities that have been offered to me since the first time I walked through the gates at Old Hall Lane: from an endless abundance of clubs including podcasting and linguistics, to participation in national competitions run by the very top universities - MGS has guided me every step of the way. A few weeks ago, the debating team headed down to London to take part in the ESU debating final, finishing in the top 12 teams nationally, and last month I won gold in the UK Linguistics Olympiad. It’s been a set of incredible, wonderful and diverse experiences!

“The quality of teachers that the school has can only be summarised as exceptional, and the amount of effort and enthusiasm that they put into each lesson continues to amaze me and is the only reason that I’ve been able to get as far as I have academically. Only last lesson was the whole history class enjoying a thrilling discussion over the US Civil War! Outside the classroom, MGS has never failed to support my sporting ambitions, with the football, swimming, water-polo and now rowing coaches offering me every bit of help in achieving my goals, as well as setting up competitions and matches to provide chances at representing the school.

“One thing that I could not forget to include in my MGS experience is the languages department. Having previously studied Latin, I am now learning Chinese, Russian and Spanish at A-level, thoroughly enjoying both the challenges and rewards that come from taking on any language. Despite COVID, the language department has managed to organise trips to authentic restaurants and fascinating galleries, while also entering us in for a regional debate held a few months ago – in Spanish! As a result of all the experiences I’ve had learning languages, I am now in the position where I would love to go to study Chinese and potentially another language at University”.

Daniel concluded: “For anyone considering MGS as a potential school to come to, all I can say is there’s only one choice! Of course, you should go to the school which suits you best, but what I have noticed is that MGS manages to suit every kind of student: the pure academics, the sporting athletes, the talented programmers, and everything in between. Either way, from my perspective, I couldn’t have been more fortunate to go to the school I go to, and I owe MGS all the thanks in the world for that”.

Well done Daniel and we wish you and all the team the very best in your new roles! 


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