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Posted by Sitara Bartle on 24 Apr 2024

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Congratulations to Year 12 pupil Jack for being chosen as the School Captain at The Manchester Grammar School for the 2024-25 academic year. Jack reflected on his journey since joining the school in Year 5, starting from the Junior School and as he now approaches his final year.

He said: “Looking back upon my time at MGS, I can clearly recall the feeling of awe which fell upon me as I first stepped foot into the School. I was struck by the sheer size and scale of the grounds, not to mention the incredible enthusiasm shown by the staff and pupils alike. Walking through the corridors on that Open Evening back in May 2015, I sincerely hoped that, one day, I would be lucky enough to become an MGS boy. Fortunately, I was lucky enough. Since then, I have cherished, embraced and enjoyed every moment of an incredible journey through the School. Now in my eighth year at MGS, I have been honoured to have served the School in many different ways. Back in Year 6, I was selected to be Bradshaw House Captain, which presented me with so many wonderful opportunities, whilst still in the Junior School. Most notably, I was proud to lift the Sports’ Day trophy – this was one of many memories that I will never forget! Similarly, just a few months ago, I secured the presence of the Chief Rabbi at this year’s edition of the Jewish Society Lunch. On that occasion, I was very proud to make the welcoming speech in front of 200 guests from the MGS Jewish community. Whilst these two events very nicely bookend my time at MGS, the years in between were certainly full of many other highlights, including – but not limited to – competing in sporting fixtures, camping in Bassenthwaite and trips to the Owl's Nest.

“So, when the High Master told me that I had been selected to be the next School Captain, I felt an immediate sense of fulfilment. This was not only because of the historic office being bestowed upon me, but, from now on, I would have the platform by which to really return to the School a part of what it has given to me over the years. This is, of course, easier said than done; working within a famed institution of 509 years makes it challenging to implement any huge changes. It is for this reason that my first hope as School Captain is to incrementally improve the day-to-day running of the School. Beyond this, I wish to equip boys with the necessary tools to face the various kinds of issues that present themselves in these fast-moving times. To realise these lofty goals, I will need to heavily rely on my incredible Officer Team, which I cannot wait to do. On a more personal note, I am very much looking forward to being present at the many wonderful events that MGS organises, both internally and externally. Having the opportunity to represent the School on these occasions will be a huge source of pride; the honour that comes with being the School Captain at such prestigious events is not something that I will take lightly”.

Jack concluded by saying: “Not wanting to rush away my precious final year at the School, I still must engage my practical nature. This means that I need to think beyond the next 12 months. Although I remain a little uncertain on the precise course that I will choose to study, I do intend to embark on a degree at university, immediately upon completing my A-Levels. The realisation that my time here is drawing to a close and considering the speed at which my time here has flown by, I would like to give a single piece of advice to the boys joining us in September 2024. I would strongly emphasise the need for you to look past the simple notion of examination grades and university destinations. Rather, you must enjoy the journey and immerse yourself in each and every opportunity that MGS will present – this, I promise, will take you to the place where the future version of you will be very well-equipped to thrive. What I can also promise you is that, whilst MGS may seem slightly overwhelming, you will find nothing less than a warm and welcoming environment. This is why, in my opinion, MGS is much more than just an educational institution; it is a community. Here, you join as a young boy, but you will not simply leave at the end of Year 13. Instead, you will become an Old Mancunian, which is a badge worn with pride by many across the globe”.


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