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Drawing on our experience of remote learning during COVID lockdowns, The Manchester Grammar School have developed a wide-range of online, free-to-access academic courses for pupils at this school and beyond. The content has been designed by MGS teachers to give a taste of undergraduate study, helping to inform pupils’ subject choices and bridge the gap between academic study at sixth form and university level. With a further five courses under construction this year, MGS will host twelve academic courses by summer 2023, all of which will be publicly available at no cost. We believe that combining educational technology with MGS teachers’ academic expertise has resulted in high-quality, educational content of benefit to the MGS community and others around the world.

David Foster Wallace: Literature and Philosophy

David Foster Wallace: Literature and Philosophy

David Foster Wallace is widely regarded as one of the greatest American writers of his generation. By turns funny and moving, his formally innovative novels, short stories, and essays explore themes like boredom, addiction, irony, and the self.

On this six-week course from Manchester Grammar School, you’ll delve into the life and literature of David Foster Wallace. As you explore Foster Wallace’s philosophical and cultural impact, you’ll hone your literary analysis skills and philosophical thinking.

How to read French poetry

How to read French poetry

There is a long and rich tradition of poetry in the French language. From verse playwrights like Racine and Molière, to symbolists like Charles Baudelaire and Paul Verlaine, to surrealists like Jacques Prévert and Andre Breton, and beyond.

Any A Level (high school) or undergraduate student of French will need to learn how to read poetry in French. Understanding French poetry can be challenging, however. Even for gifted students, poetic language can be complex, even if individual words or phrases are clear.

This course will equip you with a poetic toolkit to boost reading comprehension of French poetry. Based on real-life challenges and methodologies developed at Manchester Grammar School, the course will help you to approach French poetry with confidence.